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Full Moon Vision Workshop

Come and let go of the previous year through a ‘chord cutting’ ceremony and set your 2016 intentions through journeying and visioning for your personal empowerment and health for the new year. Whilst creating a personal Mandala vision board to secure these intentions and take away to continue meditating with.

Sunday 24th January

NB Meditation Centre, 1 Vuko Place, Warriewood (Unit 5 – Total Earth Care signage)

10am – 3pm

195 (morning tea and lunch is provided)


Crystal Sound Meditation

This will be the first crystal singing bowl group sound meditation for the year.

Friday 29th January

NB Meditation Centre, 1 Vuko Place, Warriewood (Unit 5 – Total Earth Care signage)

7pm Sharp– 8pm


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BOORI BOORI Studio Launch

We invite you to share in our vision and connect with other sacred path walkers and friends for an afternoon of inspiration. Come and join the celebration and hear about the plans for workshops and courses whilst fundraising for Moeloco and The Hope Foundation. Your entry fee will include this donation. We will be raising a glass of champers and supporting Moeloco buy shoes for children in poverty. You will be invited to walk blessings into the labyrinth and leave a BLESSING at the threshold of the labyrinth wearing a pair of inspiration Moeloco thongs. At 12.23pm exactly there will be a ceremonial opening of the studio.
Come and walk blessings into the labyrinth across the threshold in your new pair of Moeloco inspirational thongs
For more information email

Saturday 13th February, 2016

Boori Boori Studio, Bucca Wauka

11.45am – 5pm

Tickets are sold on

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Full Moon Labyrinth Walk with Crystal Singing Bowls being played whilst you walk. This is a beautiful and powerful time to walk the labyrinth for releasement.
Teas after the walk and snack are provided

22nd February | Monday

Boori Boori Labyrinth, Bucca Wauka

7.30pm – 9pm


2015-04-07 17

Learn Sacred Geometry secrets to enjoying a healthier life


This is a stand alone course and part one of a Master Builder Certification course which is over two years. This is a rare opportunity to learn ancient wisdom hidden and lost for centuries and use it to make your homes, gardens and other structures healthier and help in the powerful regeneration of your body.
This training is for you if you:

  • Want to learn how to draw the mandala of any place around the world
  • Want to learn how to dowse for water, faults and the natural grid of the earth and more
  • Want to learn about what energies create sacred sites and their unique frequency
  • Want to create balance and harmony in your personal and business environments.

Friday 26th February – 2ND March (Level 1, part 1)

NB Meditation Centre, Unit 5, 1 Vuko Place, Warriewood

10am – 5pm everyday

For more information email as booking will be on

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Crystal Sound Meditation

Come and relax and entrain with the crystal singing bowls as you join us for a group crystal sound meditation and channelled meditation

Friday 26 February, 2016

NB Meditation Centre, 1 Vuko Place, Warriewood (Unit 5 – Total Earth Care signage)

7pm Sharp– 8pm


2015-06-22 15

Ephemeral Art Workshop with Shona Wilson

(Collaborations with Nature)
The experience of making an ephemeral artwork enables a unique and intimate interaction with your environment. This workshop will provide the time, space and inspiration for you to create a work or number of temporary sculptural works using only the materials and elements found on site at “BOORI BOORI” on the day of the workshop.

Shona will present a framework of ideas and facilitate inspirational exercises to fire your imagination and then we will explore, gather, re-arrange and then record what you create. Your legacy of the day will be in the form of photograph, video and memory. The processes and ways of seeing you learn are transportable!

Saturday 19th March, 2016

Boori Boori, Bucca Wauka

9.30AM until 4.30PM

195 (Morning & Afternoon tea and lunch are provided)

Karen Quant - Labyrinth - Web-006-min

Autumninal Equinox Labyrinth Ceremony and Walk

Come and join us to celebrate the Autumn Harvest of your life by joining in a ritual ceremony to help allow you to create and maintain your BALANCE. While allowing you to be ready for new beginnings you would like to bring in. This is a time to receive all that you need to receive and make sure that your giving is in balance.
Afternoon tea will be provided after the Labyrinth Walk for all that would like to stay

Sunday 20th March, 2016

Boori Boori Labyrinth, Bucca Wauka

4pm – 5.30pm


2015-09-16 16

Full Moon Labyrinth Walk with Crystal Singing Bowls

Full Moon Labyrinth Walk with Crystal Singing Bowls being played whilst you walk. This is a beautiful and powerful time to walk the labyrinth for releasement.
Teas after the walk and snack are provided

Friday 22rd April

Boori Boori Labyrinth, Bucca Wauka

7.30pm – 9pm





World Labyrinth Day

Be part of a rolling wave of peaceful energy as the earth turns !  Come Walk as One at 1pm (This is a fundraising event). This event is an annual walk for sacred walkers who join together in unison worldwide and walk the labyrinth as 1pm "AS ONE". Boori Boori gates will be open from 11am - 3pm. This year it will be in conjunction with being an OPEN DAY, so you can come and stay longer.

Saturday 6th May, 2017

Boori Boori Labyrinth, Bucca Wauka

11am - Gates Open

1pm - Facilitated Walk - WALK AS ONE AT ONE

3pm - Gates Close

We will be fundraising for a registered charity (To be advised) .  There will be a suggested donation. There will be Crystals, Crystal bowl CD's, Space Clearing Sprays, Peru Clearing Florida Water, Smudge sticks and other items for sale on the day


Full Moon Winter Solstice Walk

The promise of Light - Celebrate the return of the Sun

Monday 20th June

Boori Boori Labyrinth, Bucca Wauka

7.30pm – 9pm


2015-06-22 16

Immersion in Nature

Come and immerse yourself in nature for the day and experience being at One with the land. Learn how to create a mandala to connect to the Great Mother Goddess and your own Divinity.  Inclusive of morning and afternoon teas and light lunch and all art supplies. For more information visit the FB page - Boori Boori Labyrinth or email Karen

Saturday 1 October, 2016

Boori Boori Labyrinth, Bucca Wauka

10am – 3.30pm


2015-06-22 14


(Details to come for 2017)

I invite you to transcend the ordinary and connect with something larger than yourself as you escape to nature and recharge for this fabulous one day retreat. You will be held in the nurturing sacred space of Boori Boori and learn and discover the beauty of mindful silent walking in nature and the labyrinth for discovery of your own sacred self and your own sacred four elements and connections to the Spirit of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. You will be supported by myself and vibrational essences to bring the awareness of these sacred elements into your life.

I am happy to share that a Nutritionist/Naturopath and chef will be sharing her knowledge and creating her magic of nourishing us and also we will be providing you with a wonderful breathing and stretching and movement session that will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Along with meditational processes and crystal singing bowl sound meditation and sacred circle self reflection.

You can also book on eventbrite - for more details email call Karen

Sunday 30th October, 2016

Boori Boori Labyrinth, Bucca Wauka

9.30am – 4.30pm


students of interior alignment 002-min

Certificate Practitioner of CPIA

This certification course prepares you for being a Space Clearing & Feng Shui Professional in the tradition of Denise Linn and Interior Alignment®. You will be able to align your soul and inner self with your outer environments of home and business. Creating balance, peace and harmony. Transform ordinary environments into Sacred Space and transform lives with positive change. Enriching your life as well as your clients lives. For more information about this course email
Start your 12 email concepts of the Interior Alignment® CPIA Certification course today

March 2017 (Online ) May 2017 (ONSITE Portion and certification)

The onsite intensive will be held in NSW.

Deposit $500 on registration