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Boori Boori labyrinth is one of only a few in the world created with sacred geometry that has traditionally been located on sacred sites, power places or energy vortices on Mother Earth. The labyrinth design is named a Classical Labyrinth or 7 Circuit Labyrinth and has been built specifically with the geometry for our land here in the Southern Hemisphere.

The labyrinth is an archetypal symbol found amongst many cultures and countries and has been traced back to the Neolithic ages. It is a symbol of sacred space and walking the labyrinth is considered mindful action. A place where you can release anything that is no longer serving you, a place to deepen your compassion, find your purpose, quieten the mind, seek inspiration, insight and clarity, or for enjoyment and meditation. This sacred tradition of walking the labyrinth is a beautiful metaphor for life and the experience you have will be unique to your journey. There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth.

It is for children, adolescents, the aged and anyone who is open to explore the beauty of the labyrinth.

I invite you to go to the Events page to when the labyrinth is open