Boori Boori

A spiritual haven for the world-weary

Immerse yourself in the reverence of Nature, aligning with ancient wisdom and the natural rhythms of the land

Soul Pathways programme

A personal journey to embrace your soul

Light your life from the inside, live large and know your Higher Truth


The birthplace of creativity and union

Experience stillness, calm and clarity, primordial sounds, mantra and guided visualisations

Labyrinth events

A walking meditation in the healing palm of Nature

Open up to new dimensions, find healing and create transformational change


Step into to a new level of awareness

Embrace sound, crystals, art and self-development circles face-to-face or online

Are you making things harder than they need to be?

Sometimes we tie ourselves in knots avoiding the path of least resistance, because we’re scared…

Scared of surrendering to the glorious life our Higher Self knows is at our fingertips.

Scared of our magnificent potential.

Scared of change.

Scared of truth.

Scared of what people will think when we step into the larger life we deserve.

The path to freedom lies at our feet. It invites us to live in alignment with our soul passions. To stop comparing, competing and failing to measure up to something we don’t even really want, despite our constant striving for it…

We’ve built a haven from all of that…

A place where the world-weary kick off their shoes, turn off their phones and surren-der to the tranquility they so desperately crave.

Boori Boori is a beautiful sanctuary for healing, renewal and growth. A place of self-discovery and compassion.

An eco-friendly, purpose-built studio designed to be as one with its natural setting. A hide-away that offers peace, inspiration and meaning—sheltered from the demands of a switched-on world…

Because, when we decide to stop wrestling with our lives—when we say ‘yes’ to what we love, ‘yes’ to our Divine soul path and to ushering in wellbeing, joy and abundance—it feels like home.

From the blog

It is a subject most of us don’t talk about even though it is the one sure thing that we will be faced with in this life. DEATH ! Coming face to face with the fear of a loved one or ourselves about to transition, or as some say kick the bucket.

When i recently changed my business tagline to “Align with the Rhythms of Nature and Soul, i did not understand the journey I was about to be taken on and am continuing to learn about now.

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