About Karen


Have you been raised with a lot of ‘shoulds’?

Sometimes the person we've come here to be, is at odds with the life others expect us to lead. Even guided from our Higher Power, we make choices that help us ‘fit in’. Choices that lead us down paths of frustration and unhappiness, where ‘fitting in’ squeezes out more important things.

I’m in love with where I am now in my life and business, but there was a time when I gave my inner ‘good girl’ too much power. I found there’s only so long you can dance to another’s tune before ill health inevitably drags you under.

In the midst of that exhausting misalignment in my life, I knew instinctively that there was something more. There always had been.

I just had to reconnect with it. Listen to it.

I had to create the highest reality for my life, for my home and for my business.

I understand ‘soul sickness’.

How it feels at wits’ end…

How easy it is to spiral into overwhelm. To go through the motions without really living. Without listening to your soul. Without being aligned in your heart.

You’re longing to feel creative. Bored with the ‘same old, same old’. Even in a gorgeously-decorated house, or in a life that ‘on paper’ is perfect, there’s still something missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it.

I know how it feels to Come Home.

To find your path. The one you’re meant to be on, spiritually.

The path that illuminates who you really are—who you’ve always been, of course, before the clutter of a busy life distracted you.

I know how it feels to live in alignment and align with the rhythms of nature and soul—to walk the path of your heart. To bring your soul home.

It’s a journey I’ve taken over 28 years of spiritually-conscious living, intertwining my beliefs and my passions and weaving them into a career that allows me help others looking to unfold their own truths and their own paths.

Hello, I’m Karen.

I’m an empath and intuitive, sound therapist, Labyrinth facilitator and a multi dimensional energetic healer. I’ve been working for over 16 years to bring balance and harmony into the lives of my clients and their environments in the corporate arena, in private homes and in their inner sacred spaces.

I’m a trained contemporary artist and natural designer. A Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®. I’m the creator of the Soul Pathways Programme and have infused all these practises with my knowledge of creative expression, ritual and shamanic practices.

I’m also a drumming facilitator, a mindfulness stillness-based meditation teacher and a vibrational therapist. I love to entwine all of these life-affirming modalities in my transformational work with clients, always making space for my other passions—land healing and Nature.

And now, all of this has come together in the work that is my calling.

Spiritual seekers like yourself, need something more than a city can provide. You need to be off the grid and immersed in the reverence of nature, in a sacred space, purpose-built for your success, to feng shui principles. You need a sacred place where you can unwind, let go and bring about the balance and abundance you so keenly desire and deserve.

So, we’ve poured our hearts, our expertise and our soul-led passion into creating Boori Boori—a spiritual haven for the world-weary. Alongside it, we’ve built a powerful and healing outdoor stone labyrinth, borrowing from the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

Boori Boori is a Divine space carefully designed to help you connect with your intuition and to the courage, clarity, healing, peace and abundance that exists within you.

It’s a place where you’ll awaken your inner perception, your soul pathway and your higher truth…

It’s where you’ll find the person you really are. The person you deeply want to be. The heart-centered, soul-driven, healed and transformed person you know you can be.

You are very welcome here, and it’s my privilege to be your guide.