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Boori Boori
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We acknowledge the Woremi and Birripi people, the original custodians of the land whist building our beautiful spiritual haven “Boori Boori”. Our vision of sanctuary.

We have created a ‘sacred space’ and manifested our combined dreams which came together with the power of gratitude for this wonderful land. ‘Boori Boori’ has been named by the aboriginal people and this 168 acres of land is a what we term a ‘New Avalon’. A place that calls you, a place that allows you to seek your own wisdom and find a place of healing and wholeness. We have become disconnected from nature and ourselves in our high tech world and Boori Boori is the perfect spiritual haven. A sacred place that will help connect and align you to the rhythms of nature and soul unity once again.

A place which has clear creeks, a natural small rainforest and river on its boundary . An Eco-Studio which is a workspace for my courses which was inspired by sacred geometry principles and the natural archetypal rhythms of nature, built for self reflection, success and your abundance.

We have built an outdoor stone labyrinth, which is only one of a few labyrinths in the world that has been created with sacred geometry that has traditionally been located on sacred sites and power places.

Come and join in one of the many workshops, meditational days, labyrinth walks or retreat days.


"Boori Boori is a sacred space, a very powerful one ! If you stay - be mindful before you arrive and you will feel its clear pure energy begin to stir within you - summoning forth the issues you have come to work on and drawing them safely upwards for transformation. Like a clear stream running through a rocky trail its energy finds space where it can flow, creating new life and tranquility in its path. Karen was led to this energy and this land and with the purest spiritual integrity has become its tuning fork. You will find in this partnership of land and Master Healer a safe haven where you can explore, dream, create, rest and heal.  "Carolinda Witt - Bestselling Author, Teacher and Founder of T5T: The Five Tibetan Rites and Energy Breathing Program.  

If nature is your teacher, your soul will awaken - “Goethe”