Crystal Sound Healing


OM, the first vibrational word of Creation !

Everything in nature, from creation is a vibration, a pulsing, a breathe and it is through that breathe that comes sound. Your name, through breathe being spoken to say your name and with it comes your vibration, your soul song, so that you can bring through your gifts and identity to the world.

Energy is a moving sound wave and the Crystal Singing Bowls used in healing can energise, balance and transform you. Science has shown that sound can produce changes in the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, endocrine and lymphatic systems. Together with your intention and sound, we can lift your vibration and bring forth your highest potential.

There are different Crystal Sound Healing Sessions available
“What we choose to live in each and every moment resonates outward on our breath. We inhale in one moment, we exhale the next and we are futureness.” Joseph Rael

Below are the options for Healing Sessions

  • Come and be nurtured by crystals from the earth, vibrational oils and the crystal singing bowls in this deeply gentle but powerful and transformational session. A series of Crystal Sound Therapeutic sessions allows sound to enter the body so that it can release dense vibrations such as energetic blockages in the body and subtle energy fields, physical trauma and emotional pain and promote a deeper connection to your own soul self whilst working on your needs. Please allow for 1.5 hours and wear loose clothing. Healing strategies will be discussed along with a vibrational essence to continue the vibrational healing process.
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  • In a busy world of everyday uses of technology which emit EMF’s, you need one if not a series of these sessions. You will be cocooned in a ‘ULM Energy blanket’ whilst experiencing the crystal bowls being played in a series of sequences that heal the emotional body at natures natural healing hertz. This session will induce the body and mind to rest, recover and re-energise as the blanket decreases stress physically and mentally as it allows the bodys own natural electromagnetic emissions to reflect back into the body, while the external radiations are reflected away. If the weather is optimal, you can experience this being played outside whilst Mother Earth holds you in the palm of her hand. A truly wonderful nurturing experience. Please allow for 1.30 mins and wear loose clothing.
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  • Come and relax and let the sounds of the crystal singing bowls balance your emotional body. Soul alignment at its best as you get out of the thinking mind and surrender and let go of what you need release and just relax and allow the resonance to uplift your vibration to a higher state with channelled intention. Each month different guided meditations will help you relax and de-stress from your week. These are normally on the yoga mat laying on the floor with bolsters but please bring anything else that you need to make yourself comfortable.
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Karen is available to play the Crystal Singing Bowls at your company retreat, workshops, groups or at your home with a gathering of more than 12 people.