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Blog-min350x341The Very Nature About Death

It is a subject most of us don’t talk about even though it is the one sure thing that we will be faced with in this life. DEATH ! Coming face to face with the fear of a loved one or ourselves about to transition, or as some say kick the bucket.

When i recently changed my business tagline to “Align with the Rhythms of Nature and Soul, i did not understand the journey I was about to be taken on and am continuing to learn about now.

My grandmother died on 10th August after a full and extraordinary life of 93 years and over the 3 weeks i spent with her in the UK, both at the time of her closing the veil on this lifetime as she passed to the next chapter of her eternal life and the time i spent with her at bedside vigil, I experienced such an amazing range of emotions to help me learn, grow and develop as a soul living on earth.

On a spiritual and energetic sense I saw clairvoyantly my Grandmothers death mantle about 3 months before her actual death in photos my mother had shown me. This surrounded her physical body and I could see the tell tale changes of a mottled grey colour which could be seen in her aura.

But it was the vision I received waking me at 3AM in the morning by a man who called himself “Fred” who came to visit me from Spirit, that started this particular journey for me. I asked him who he was and he explained he was her dad, my great grandfather, whom i had never met as he had died before i was born. He died of a ‘bad liver’ and ‘throat’ and was a heavy smoker. He came to impart the knowledge that it was time for her to ‘Come Home’. Whilst they had never been very close, I saw him sit close to her on the bed in the UK in her room at the nursing facility as I tried to talk more to him in my vision, but he walked down a hallway that had beds of dead bodies with sheets over them, down the right hand side away from me. I understand now, that these were people who would die before my Gran got to ‘Go Home’. He intimated that i needed to come and get on the plane quickly and then vanished into the night as quickly as he came.

The phone then rang at 3.23AM with the same news !
Within 24 hours we were on the longest plane trip i have ever flown to the UK, but were greeted with the blessing of seeing her. Although drawn and skeletal, she was still conscious and could engage for moments in conversation and still asked for kisses. In those days prior to her death, we laughed and cried, I brushed her hair and rubbed her face cream into her warm thin skin. If i didn’t do it right then she made sure she told me to do it again, being the feisty woman that she was and still is.

She wanted a living wake and asked us to organise various family members to gather fulfilling her matriarch role and then orchestrated a ceremony where we all shared our stories of our special times with her and shared with her how much we loved her. We took photos and laughed and said “The Lords Prayer” on her request together, in unison. Every hour and every day was filled with gratitude of life.

As i meditated next to her bed whilst she slept, praying for an easy transition, I experienced the amazing soft warmth of her soul leaving her body at various times, testing its exit and allowing me to feel her soul vibration, light and colours. Her room in that week was filled with ‘Spirit’ of family members who had already passed over. The veil was extremely thin at that point so they visited often and told me they would be there to greet her on her passing. Her first husband who had died after the war of TB, my grandfather, her brother and sisters, her uncle and mother. It was a busy and full week of visitors from Spirit.

As she became more agitated I realised she was going through the releasement of her spiritual body from the physical. Fiddling with bed linen and her nightie as though she was working back in the mills when she was a young girl. Her periods of eating and drinking had become fewer and she became less interested in sustaining her physical body. Her body processes of elimination changed which allowed the soul to elevate its vibration to prepare for the journey of transition. At that time i was doing energy healing and Reiki on her chakras to help with the releasement process as she was experiencing fear even though she wanted to die. I have never felt so useless in my healing practise than right there. It was at this time that I vowed to be with her at her time of passing and transition and didn’t want to leave her. I wanted to help and learn about her souls messages with her transition to pass on any knowledge i could.

What i was shown is that the process the soul goes through at the time of dying is determined by our beliefs and what level of acceptance we have developed during our lifetime. Like the energetic blocks we have created with our fear and emotions. Fundamentally the process and rhythm of the chakra system closing down is the same and allows us to start to understand the rhythm and movement of soul dependent upon our Spirit. It has imprinted on me the importance to bring death into our conversations and realise it is not the end of living.

In her last hours sitting in the chair next to her, which had become my home away from home, her pulse became more erratic and her breathing patterns were laboured. She was then unconscious for most of the time and the realisation of her death was very real for me in those moments. There was no mistaking those last gasps, the sounds that the body made and the heart stopping. Time of death was 4.23am.

My grandmother and the intimate process of her death I got to share in has opened my heart wide. My journey moving forward as a student of life with my heart brimming to fullness of LOVE for humanity and life has never been stronger than now, along with my story to share death in everyday conversations.

The understanding she has given me is that death is really just a path, a rhythm, although for most a scary one. It is said that there are many paths on life’s journey leading ultimately to that same destination. A journey that is a continual cycle of eternal life but to understand the dying process we have to accept that we are more than just a person and align with and accept our inner guidance and listen to our souls subtle messages to live and celebrate life as our authentic self, to truly live in our abundance, joy and peace.

It is these messages that i would like to share, to bring this together with my new soul pathways programme, helping people reconnect with their soul purpose and power and awaken their spirit and higher consciousness of their soul to live their authentic self. To celebrate life now with no regrets. It’s my responsibility as a parent to teach my children about the transitional process of death too.

Last week my grandmother came to me in a dream, smiled as she came towards me and kissed me on the lips as she always had my whole life. She has touched my heart and soul and I know i will never be the same again. She is with me as I write this blog standing behind my left shoulder and when it’s my time to cross over, I know there will be a great reunion. Until then............