Bespoke Mentoring and Workshops


Ready to walk through a new doorway and focus on your joy?

Bespoke Mentoring

Bespoke mentoring sessions and retreat days are a great way to centre your heart and work on your own personal development helping you review your life, celebrate your achievements and do some soul searching to wake up to your own higher purpose. You still have time !
It is a combination of intuitive coaching, using the labyrinth, spiritual and shamanic healing, creative soul expression through art, ceremony, ritual and rhythm.
So you only have a morning or afternoon, or you want to commit a full day retreat to your joy and sense of purpose. These are all possible options depending on the time you have, so let me tailor make a session for and your goals . These sessions are for you if you are sensitive, an empath or know there is something more and you want to awaken to your greater potential and live the life you know your soul wants. It helps you step out of your head and into your heart and body.


"I had the amazing opportunity to walk the stunning labyrinth at Boori Boori with Karen facilitating  my healing and guiding my intention with me. It was a unique healing for me that also incorporated colour therapy, intuitive wisdom, sacred circle creating and meditative downloading of wisdom and inner guidance.  Karen's methodologies are guided by love and strong wisdom to facilitate the real letting go of what doesn't serve; the facing of the inner dragon and the ability to provide the mirror of truth to my own soul and also my own shadow patterns.  Up until now silence has always been difficult for me and now I can sit (albeit a bit uncomfortably) with it and be with whatever feelings come up that I might have pushed away or denied.  Karen's unique approach is grounded and deeply spiritual. She is focused on bringing the sacred back into our lives and also through the labyrinth she built at Boori Boori. With careful respect and reverence to the land Karen has artfully found the energetic grid that holds forth many messages and intentions when you walk it"

Jo Gillies - Archisoul Architects

Karen Quant created a bespoke retreat recently just for me. It was the most incredible
experience. The moment I shut the gates behind me as I entered into Boori Boori after my long drive, I felt I was on sacred ground and an incredible peace descended on me.

A retreat by Karen is uniquely for the participant. Karen Q is skilled and gifted at knowing what is best needed for the individual at that point in time. In my case she challenged me in many ways as we moved through talking, creative exercises, journeying within, colour therapy, meditation by the dam, walks, a mini vision quest, walking the labyrinth with her as guide, and much more. Her methods challenged me to look even further inward, as healing of the spirit comes from within. We have many layers and for me this was a unique and special time, peeling back the layers necessary for me to receive something unexpected and to reconnect and align with nature and soul.

There is something so spiritual and beautiful about Boori Boori. You will indeed feel you are on sacred ground and I hope to return some day.
Karen Curran - illustrator and painter from the heart


"Thank you Karen for such an inspiring  couple of days. You have created such a beautiful, sacred, healing sanctuary at Boori Boori and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have a bespoke mentoring day there with you.  You truly are an amazing, talented healer and facilitator of change. I am very grateful to have been able to make life changes, leave behind non serving beliefs and come more into me, with your guidance and healing.

 I loved everything about my time at Boori Boori with you. The beautiful techniques you use to let go and truly be "you", the ceremonial aspect of everything you do, your caring, gentle nature, wealth of knowledge and company! The beautiful cozy bedrooms and of course the beautiful healing labrynth. I highly recommend spending a day or two if you have the time with Karen to work on YOU. I feel excited for this next phase of life!"

 Thank you, so much gratitude xx"

Samantha Williams - Seventh Plane Creation Mandalas, Theta Healer, Pole Performer


Creative Workshops

Throughout the year there are various workshops and sacred circles that are continually changing with the seasons. See the events page for workshop details.